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Professional Digital Metal FDM 3D Printer
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WH750-FA750 FDM Wish 3D Printer Building volume is: 750*750*750mm, Our all 3D Printers can be customized as your requirements, We can make the Print Technology : FDM and SLA 3D Printers, We have made the Maximum Build Volume is: 2000*2000*2000mm FDM 3D Printers,1600*1600*1600mm SLA 3D Printers.

CNC 3D Printer, 3D Printer Details

1.Metal Body With Plastic-Sprayed Surface Treatment, Single Acrylic Door in Half-transparent color for front, Without head Cover.

2.This 3D Printer can be customized the Double Nozzle (Dual Head) as your requirements,

3.This 3D Printer Used Dual Z Axis (double beam) and Self-Created Guide Rail designs, Dynamic parallel design, Solid stability design, Anti vibration design, And eliminated the operation jitter effectively.

4.Power-off protection function, This can prevent the data will be missed because of the sudden power

fault in the printing process.

5.This 3D Printer used LED Track lighting, 3D Printer operator can see the panoramic printing and real-time printing result;

6.This 3D Printer designed 3 Power Supplies And 4 Drives;

7.This Wish 3D Printer used the Power-off protection function, This can prevent the data will be missed because of the sudden power fault in the printing process.

8.3.5 inch Color touch screen;

9.This 3D Printer can operated by online, offline, SD card or USB,Mobile control,Wifi,can be required .

What To Make With A Reprap 3D Printer ?

Architecture; Aerospace; Art; Automotive; Engineering; Fablabs and Makerspaces; Fashion; Humanitarian Aid; Jewelry; Manufacturing; Medicine; Product Design; Research; Education; Primary Education; Secondary Education; DIY, Hobbies and Home;Medical Products and Etc..

You can create custom jigs, assembly fixtures, tools and etc with ultra-fine accuracy and smooth


Best Value 3D Printer

The fully closed housing combined with the heated bed positively influence the print quality of the printed object but also reduces the sound of the machine. The transparent doors allow you to monitor the printing process at all times. The WH750-FA750 3D Printer is with air filter. The dual head can be required and print head nozzle diameter 0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.5mm for option.

What Should We Pay Attention To In The Process Of Model Design For 3D Printing?

No matter which 3D printing technology will be adopted, we need to pay attention to some

issues when designing the 3D model.

For different 3D printing technologies, there are specific design rules that need to be remembered and adhered to. This article only discusses general design considerations applicable to various technologies.

Printability is a very important thing to keep in mind when designing 3D models. The process of modeling will really change the digital models into physical objects.

In the simple design process, there are no physical laws that need to be observed, such as gravity or the expansion and contraction of printing materials.

1. Draping

Draping means that the printing part is supported by the lower layer, or without support at all. All 3D printing technology is based on superposition manufacturing, that is to say, the printing layer should be combined with the following layer (except SLS and jet technology). FDM printing technology limit angle of 45 degrees, less than this angle need to add support to ensure accurate printing.

2. Wall Thickness

The second problem to be considered in the design of 3D model is wall thickness. In order to print another layer on one level, it is necessary to determine the minimum wall thickness that can be printed, depending on the specific technology employed.

For example, suppose you are a glider design engineer, and you have a great and innovative design plan to use 3D printing for small-scale testing. The modeler will model the thickness of the canvas on the wing, but because the thickness is too small, it will not be printed when printing.

3. Warp

In 3D printing, some phenomena are often ignored, like SLS or FDM technology. In order to heat the material to 200 degrees C, the heating and melting of the material may lead to warping. A long flat surface is very easy to deform, and the machine is calibrated to maintain enough adhesion between the parts and the building platform to avoid warping effectively. Your Hub gives a lot of design techniques to reduce the possibility of warping.

Q1.What About Your After-Sale Service?
A: We offer one-year warranty for our products. Lifelong technical support, online operation video support etc..

Q2.What About The Shipping Cost?
A: Please kindly offer us your address details, We will check accurate freight cost for you.

Q3. Can I Have A Sample Order?
A: Yes, Your sample order is available and welcome for test and check the quality.

Q4. What About The Lead Time?
A: Samples arrived often need 3-7days via International Express.

Q5. Do You Have Any MOQ (minimum order quality) ?
A: Yes, Our MOQ is 1pcs.

Q6. How Do You Ship The Goods And How Long Does It Take To Arrive?
A: If the goods will be shipped by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. It usually takes 3-7 days to be arrived. Air,Land and Sea shipping can be also optional,The time will be 10-30days.

Q7. Is It Acceptable To Print My Logo On The Product?
A: Yes. This can be acceptable.

Q8: Can You Do OEM Service ?
A: Yes, We can do the OEM Service based on your 3D printer drawings, functions requitements and then offer you the best OEM solutions.

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