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Large Metal Industrial FDM 3D Printing Machine
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product: view count: 66Large Metal Industrial FDM 3D Printing Machine 
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WH1200-FA1200 3D Printer is a Large Scale FDM industrial 3D Printer, Today, The Large scale 3D printing has become affordable, reliable and accessible with Wish 3D printers, high-quality 3D printing, Building volume is: 1200 *1200 *1200 mm .

Wish WH1200-FA1200 FDM Large Dual Color Fully Closed Housing 3D Printer Deals

This is a full closed housing combined with the heated bed positively influence the print quality of the printed object but also reduces the sound of the machine. The transparent doors allow you to monitor

the printing process at all times. The WH1200-FA1200 3D Printer is with air filter. The dual head can be required and print head nozzle diameter 0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.5mm for option.

1.Used the All Steel Sheet Metal Body With Plastic-Sprayed Surface Treatment,The Internal Structure Is Independent With Printer Housing,The Steel structure can ensure the 3D Printer will be durable and working smoothly.

2.Used Double Z Axis (double beam) and Self-Created Guide Rail designs,Dynamic parallel design,Solid stability design, Anti vibration design, And eliminated the operation jitter effectively.

3.Used special extrusion device and high precision Nozzle head to ensure higher printing precision.

4.This 3D Printer used intelligent full automatic control and omnibearing printing control device,The operation is convenient and efficient.

5.Used10 inch Color touch screen to control the operation,The operation can be showed on the offline screen and can also monitor the operation of the machine in real time.

6.Designed a Heated Glass Platform With Thermotank (Constant Temperature Heated Platform),The highest heating temperature can be reached to 100 ℃. Uniform heat, strong adhesion;

7.Designed multi-function control, Its operation is more convenient, efficient, controllable and energy-saving.

8.Designed 6 Power Supplies and 6 Drives;

9.Used LED Track lighting, 3D Printer operator can see panoramic printing and real-time printing result;

10.Used the Power-off protection function, This can prevent the data will be missed because Of the sudden power fault in the printing process.

11.Designed the continuous printing function after breakpoint caused by emergency pause, shutdown and other accidents.

12.Designed the signal source protection function, This can prevent wrong, disorderly and missing printing when the 3D printer is running.

13.Designed a key start stop function, This is convenient for charging and refueling operation.

14.3D Printer can be operated by manual or automatic, This is easy for adjust and test before printing.

15.This 3D Printer can be charged the Filament by manual or automatic function, This is easy for change the Filament or change to other color Filament.

16.This 3D Printer can be real-time operation in English and Chinese.

17. This 3D Printer designed the Status Alert function, It can monitor the printing Status.

18.This 3D Printer can operated by online, offline, SD card or USB, Mobile control, Wifi,(can be required) .

19.This 3D Printer can be customized the Dual Head (Two Nozzles) as your requirements.

The different Nozzle Diameter will corresponding to different Printing Accuracy is as below:


Nozzle Diameter

Printing Accuracy
















And the removal Printing Model Support way will be:

Single Nozzle

Manual Removal Support

Dual Nozzle

Water Soluble Support

20.Our all 3D Printers can be customized as your requirements, We can make the Print Technology:FDM, SLA and SLM 3D Printers, We have made the Maximum Build Volume is: 2000*2000*2000mm FDM 3D Printers,1600*1600*1600mm SLA 3D Printers.

10 Inch Touchscreen

The 10 inch touch screen for easy to use interface and allows you to have full adjustment control over the Wish WH1200-FA1200 Printer and the printed object. You can control the nozzle and bed temperature, light, filament change and more.And you can also check the progress of the print.

High Quality 3D Printers And About Us

Wish 3D Printer let your every ideas becomes far more efficient. You’ll have a low-cost of concept model

and in your hands within hours, No need to wait for a supplier or make models by hand. Print it anytime,

You can design the textures, finished,colors, complex shapes and dimension as your ideas or your Customers’ ideas.

Printed models can be discussed ideas with potential buyers or raise capital from investors, Mass Productions can be tested market potential and sales after tested, No need to make the molds for expensive mold costs. And 3D printing can also shorten the development time from months to days.And

can also be used for 3D printer 3D Printing business to do the products in mass production.

Where is 3D printing used?

A: Architecture; Aerospace; Art; Automotive; Engineering; Fablabs and Makerspaces; Fashion; Humanitarian Aid; Jewelry; Manufacturing; Medicine; Product Design; Research; Education; Primary Education; Secondary Education; DIY, Hobbies and Home; Medical Products

Q2. What features should I consider when buying a 3D printer?

A: The build area of a 3D printer dictates the size of the objects you can create, while the number of

extruders (usually ranging from between 1 and 3) lets you print objects in more than a single colours.

WiFi connectivity is a great feature to have when you want to scan items with a compatible smartphone

and send them to a 3D printer wirelessly.

Q3.What About Your After-Sale Service?
A: We offer one-year warranty for our products. Lifelong technical support, online operation video support etc..

Q4. Can I Have A Sample Order?
A: Yes, Your sample order is available and welcome for test and check the quality.

Q5: Does it work with any filament of the correct material and dimensions, or does it only accept your brand filament?

A: It accepts other brands of filament, However, they will not fit on the internal spool holder. Instead you will have to print an external filament holder. The different brands filaments and they all worked fine, The types have been used are PLA/TPU/Carbon Fiber/PETG/ABS.

Q6. What About The Lead Time?
A: Samples arrived often need 3-7days via International Express.

Q7. Do You Have Any MOQ (minimum order quality) ?
A: Yes, Our MOQ is 1pcs.

Q8. Is It Acceptable To Print My Logo On The Product?
A: Yes. This can be acceptable.

Q9: Can You Do OEM Service ?
A: Yes, We can do the OEM Service based on your 3D printer drawings, functions requitements and then offer you the best OEM solutions.

3D Printer Price Range, Please Contact Us

2,Please Send Any Inquiry To Contact Us For Our 3D Printer Catalog Or Quote Anytime, Looking Forward To An Opportunity To Serve For You,Thanks!

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